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I am very excited to introduce my new novel, The Third Thaw. This book presents a radically different strategy for planet colonization. The story is a work of “hard” science fiction, which attempts to use as much real science as possible to make the story believable.

The Third Thaw is the first in a trilogy. I am happy to announce the 2nd book, Before The Thaw, was just released. This new book continues following the lives of the Thaws on Planet K851b, as this re-built society has reached the technological equivalent of, roughly, 1950's America. I'm currently working on the second draft of Book 3 - an adventure into the ultimate frontiers of science. This may bring closure to this futuristic tale of immigrants on another planet,...but we'll see. As the Germans say, “Ich bin kaputt!” - but it's been fun.

– KJH, November, 2019

Origins of the Third Thaw

Scientists estimate there are thousands of habitable planets in our galaxy. But if these planets are light years from Earth, how can we possibly travel there if we don't have scify gimmicks like "warp drive" or time travel? Realistically, will human beings ever be able to travel to distant habitable planets? It is a tremendous challenge, a seemingly unsolvable puzzle. But, perhaps, there is a "way".

Sometime in the early 2000’s, I thought of a unique way of sending humans to another planet, light years away. The method I envision is largely dependent on advances in artificial intelligence, which seem plausible in the not-too-distant future. I posted my proposal for interstellar space travel to a group discussion (Ref: 2010 NBC News article, "Ride a starship? Not for a century") Several people said I had a great idea for a science fiction story! To my surprise, this idea has gained some credibility in scientific circles as a possible way to travel to another planet.

For years I kept this potential story in my back pocket, until one of my daughters encouraged me to write a book.

The Third Thaw, is an epic adventure with enough action to satisfy action-driven readers. I prefer to use the term "fiction with science", somewhat in the genre of Jules Vern's "Mysterious Island". It is my hope that this book will also appeal to readers who generally avoid science fiction, as well as advanced YA readers who have an inclination for science.

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