"Hanson has managed to capture the technological concerns of establishing a new civilization on a planet with social commentary and weave it into a phenomenal story. I was confronted with thoughts that had never occurred to me in prior sci-fi novels I’ve read. You watch the characters such as Horst, Hansel, and Ingrid grow from children. As a reader, you are learning and discovering right along with them. I was so enamored with everything Hanson thought to include in his story. When you think about sending mankind to an uninhabited planet to escape mass extinction, you have to start from scratch. These children are forced to discover Earth’s history, and decide for themselves how they will create their new civilization. Between emerging technologies, basic survival, human nature, and a power struggle, this sci-fi has something for everyone. I could not put it down. And I am very sad it is over."

-Amazon Reader Review, October 14, 2018

"...As Hanson focuses on the hard science behind the story, it’s the people he depicts that I found most compelling. ...Unlike other books that dive into the emotional drama of each dangerous and/or life-altering situation and live in that space, the people in this book had to keep going, keep problem solving, and think about what was next. ...The events he chose to include were fascinating. Discovering a way around a waterfall saved a whole cohort of people. Figuring out how to fight off indigenous animals allowed them to complete their journey. Assessing the root purpose of a supercomputer allowed for the advancement of technology on their new home planet. The events he chose to depict were the ones that saved humanity from extinction and the technology-based solutions he used to carry them out were incredibly creative....The Third Thaw was clearly a labor of love for Hanson. He imbued the book with his own personal knowledge and interests. His love of human solutions to difficult problems shone through on every page. Ultimately, I liked this book because I could tell how much fun Hanson had writing it and it was constantly piquing my curiosity in unpredictable ways. There is no way a reader would be able to start this book and know how it ends. And that. in and of itself, is a great accomplishment."

-Excerpt from Chicago Writer's Association, Windy City Reviews, November 3, 2018

"...The Third Thaw is an epic story filled with interesting facts and full of adventure. The premise for the story is unique and original. I have never read anything like it and turned the pages quickly to see what would happen next. It held me totally captivate and fully engrossed. It creatively explores the relationship between humans and robots. The world building in Third Thaw is remarkable and exciting. The way Hanson uses real technological science to create a sustainable planet for humans to live on is pure genius. There is tons of action in Third Thaw and readers will be on the edge of their seat completely enthralled and engrossed. It is written in an easy to read and understand format. I learned so much from reading this extraordinary book. The writing is fluid and perfectly penned with a clear concise voice. It’s such an interesting idea for a story. The teenagers are required to learn about Earth’s history, and come to a resolution on how they will originate their new civilization. When they become fully trained adults they use new technologies, basic survival instincts and the all-encompassing human nature to complete their mission. There are life threatening impediments and even a villain to overcome and conquer. Third Thaw by Karl J. Hanson will appeal to non-science fiction readers as well as die hard sci-fi lovers. Highly recommended!"

- Excerpt from Artisan Book Reviews, December, 2018

"The Third Thaw, by first-time-published author, Karl J. Hanson, is a non-stop page-turning roller-coaster-ride. This epic tale of a live-or-die quest has the makings of a huge franchise with world-wide appeal for fans of the Young Adult and Fantasy genres. A 16-year-old recommended it to me. My first thought: 'kid's book.' Then I read it. The Third Thaw, which for me was a fun and easy read, has the story flow, plotting, character arcs, and cliff-hanging chapter-endings that keep you glued to the book. So do the books written by Agatha Christie, Ian Fleming, and J.K. Rowling. By the fifth chapter, I cared about those teen-age characters, whose story continues through their middle age. If and when there is a sequel, I'm reading it, and telling my friends about that one too."

- from a reader in Muskegon, Michigan